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About The Monkey House

Mr. Martini and Ms. Martini - Married 7 years
Silly Monkey - 7 years old
Mini Monkey - 3 year old
Baby Monkey - 1 Year

We have lived in 2 towns, in 6 domiciles, have logged over 140,000 miles on our Jeep since marriage, and have gone through approximately 89,567 diapers, 894 bottles of wine, and one cat (well, she's still with us, but she tries to escape every chance she gets).

Ms. Martini owns owned a successful couture wedding stationery design company and Mr. Martini is a commercial real estate appraiser.  Ms. Martini likes to take selfies and is addicted to ellipses... and Mr. Martini likes to get annoyed by both.  

Silly Monkey can build you a car made out of legos.  And it will transform into a boat.  And a rideable chicken.   He is a fabulous artist (no really, we actually give his framed art away as gifts), and is a wicked good hockey player.

Mini Monkey is obsessed with dinosaurs.  And not in a cute Dinosaur Train kind of way... in a brutal and violent Jurassic Park kind of way.  He does a spot on impression of a velociraptor, which is absolutely terrifying at 3AM.  

Baby Monkey is a lover... there is no such thing as too many hugs for this one, although because he has two older brothers he thinks a headlock is a hug.  Don't worry, it adds character. 

We hope you enjoy our musings, banter, recipes, our "Fails" and "Wins" and all the rest, but mostly we hope you take a quiet satisfaction in knowing that out there somewhere, is a girl and a guy and a band of kids who are just seconds away from chucking poo at one another in The Monkey House.

Navigating Around This Mess:  

Best of the Web = Cool shit I find on the interwebs 

Martini Musings = Random shit I think or do

Mo' Bettah Blogging = Tips and tricks to pimp and primp your blog

Monkeying Around = Mostly Pinterest inspired disasters

Food, Yo'! = Recipes and food porn

The Monkey House = Usually involves actual shit that happens

WTF Fridays = Every Friday I am inspired by and elaborate on weird shit

Swag = Free stuff, discounts, giveaways, contests, etc.

Also I hate the word "swag" because it means curtain, but idiots love acronyms so in Ghettoese it also means free stuff for some reason.  And I do love Ghettoese, and free stuff, so...  

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  1. So your husband used to pretend to be amused by you? Mine has never wanted to egg me on.
    Smart move on his part.
    Love your blog
    smooches to you and your zoo


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