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Meat and Potatoes... Sans Potatoes

garbage eggs
Low(er) Carb Garbage Eggs

Mr. Martini is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, which really sucks for him since we feign a low-carb diet and haven't had a potato in our house in over two years.  One of the things he loves is garbage eggs... you know, roasted potatoes mixed with sausage and cheese topped with eggs.  Mmmm.  But since the base has been rendered hands-off, we have come up with a super yummy substitute using peppers (yes, they have a few carbs), and turkey smoked sausage (more carbs than regular, but way less fat and calories... leaving room for BACON!).  It is a favorite in our house and we have it every weekend.


1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 package Turkey Smoked Sausage
1 Cup Shredded Colby-Jack Cheese
8 Eggs
Bacon until your heart pops (optional)

First, if you are so inclined, cook as much bacon as your heart desires.  This is served on the side, so you can omit with no repercussions (except bacon cravings).

De-seed your peppers and cut into roughly 1" pieces.  If you're a purist, cook with a little olive oil.  If you love bacon, drain your bacon grease and cook in the tiny bit that coats the pan. A non-stick pan is ideal since you will be adding cheese, and there is less of a chance of it creating a cement like coating on your pan when you're done.  Cook over medium until the peppers start to soften a bit and begin caramelizing.

Meanwhile, slice your smoked sausage into 1" pieces, and then cut in half so you are left with a ton of little half-moons.  Add to the peppers and cook over medium.  Your looking for softened (not mushy) peppers and slightly browned sausage pieces. 

Cook your eggs to your liking (in a separate pan).  Mr. Martini likes his over medium, I like mine scrambled.  Both are awesome on top of this meaty, peppery, cheesey goodness. When your eggs are just about done, add the cheese to the pepper soiree, and stir together until melted.  Divide pepper mixture between four plates (or two if you eat like a horse) and top with your eggs.  I like to drown mine in Cholula hot sauce, and a little parsley always adds a nice touch. 

eggs with sausage and peppers

How low-carb is it?  If you eat like a normal, you're looking at a total or around 8.375 carbs per serving.  If you eat like a horse (or a member of the Monkey House), you're looking at about 16.7 carbs.  Using 4-5 medium red potatoes instead of peppers would add an additional 145 carbs!!!  That's a whole-lotta bunch!  So yeah, score for the low-carb lifestyle!

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