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Nookie Lookie: Cool Spaces - The Nook

Window Nook
I, like all of you no doubt, am a Pinterest addict.  Every chance I get, I am trolling for DIY projects, cool tips and tricks, and especially random visual stimulation.  Today I was feeling a little nookish, so I thought I'd share some fabulous nook decor inspiration. 

Book Nook
Closet Nook

Bedroom Nook
Under Stairs Nook
Window Seat Nook
Attic Nook

Beautiful Nook For Her
Kinda makes you want to re-evaluate all the unused space in your house.  Hell, I use my closet for traditional purposes.  Do you think Mr. Martnii would be crabby if I turned it into a little lady sanctuary ala nook?  Hmmmm....

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