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DIY Ribbon Organizer

World's Best DIY Ribbon Organizer!

As I am packing up my house for yet another move, I was struck by the fact that I am a frickin' genius!  Or at least I found a genius idea when searching online before Pinterest was cool.  Using an actual search.  All by myself!  And I mention this now because this little installation needs to be removed. 

See, I have a lot of ribbon.  Approximately 400 spools of ribbon.  Satin ribbon, organza ribbon, raffia ribbon... It's like Santa's workshop up in here!  And if one is going to use said ribbon, you've got to find a way to organize it, right?  Otherwise you're just a hoarder. 

There are approximately two options on the market for ribbon storage.

1) A stupid design where ribbon spools are threaded on a stick, meaning if you want to use the middle one (which you will), you have to take all the others off to get to it.  Ummm... stupid. 
2) An UBER-EXPENSIVE custom ribbon holder that mounts to the wall, that really is nothing more than a couple shelves glued together.  At first I bought several UBER-EXPENSIVE custom ribbon holders that took care of approximately 1/32nd of the problem.  There's $80 down the drain, and I still looked like a hoarder to my in-laws (probably still do... but for different reasons ;).

Then I found a genius idea that uses plastic gutters to store ribbon!  GENIUS!  They are the perfect size for standard 20-50 yard ribbon spools (or smaller), you can cut them to fit any space you have, and you can easily access any spool of ribbon, no matter where it is located.  Score! 

The original version looked way better.  It was 2 rows of 8ft long organizer (err... gutter) over my desk.  But of course I couldn't find a photo of that. So this wonky version will have to do.

DIY Ribbon Organizer

Why so wonky?  I got impatient and didn't want to wait for Mr. Martini to install it, so I just grabbed a drill and went at it.  Level schmevel.  Eh, it served it's purpose.  

Here's the low-down:
Measure your space and/or calculate how many linear feet you will need to accommodate your ribbon hoard. 

Buy that much plastic gutter. 

 Buy as many end caps as you will have rows x's 2. 

Install the gutter by simply drilling screws into the back into the wall.  My wonky version used those metal hanger thingys you see on peg board walls because this particular wall was one of those fancy hollow fake wood paneling walls, and the screws just kept popping out.  ** I recommend using a level, since not using a level can lead to wonkitude (see above).

A couple minutes later you'll have yourself an awesome, inexpensive custom ribbon organizer that is actually user friendly.  Genius!

Got any genius storage ideas of your own?  Share them!  Post me a note or send me an email and I'll be happy to feature your genius ideas too!


  1. You're a funny broad. I love your blog, and to show my appreciation I am awarding you with The Sunshine Award.

    1. F-r-a-g-i-l-e... it must be Italian. It's a major award! Maybe it's a bowling alley!!!

      Thank you for passing this on to me! I am honored and humbled! You da bomb. ;)

  2. I'd love to buy these beautiful ribbons.

  3. Can you tell me where you purchased the gutter from? All I can find is the bulky gutters.

  4. Can you tell me where you purchased the gutter from? All I can find is the bulky gutters.


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