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WTF Friday: Episode 4

Sunshine and Crabs

It's WTF Friday, Yo'!  And boy have I got a little nugget to clog up your mind...

I've been awarded The Sunshine Award!  WTF???  I'm trying to play it cool, 'cause, you know, I'm cool and stuff.  But I am kind of excited. The Sunshine Award is like a SAG award in the blogging community.  Except there is no trophy, no fancy dress, no free booze, and no paparazzi.  So really, it's nothing like a SAG award, but it is given by a fellow blogger who thinks your stuff is better than crap.  And I will take that as a major award.  So, thank you to The Hypnotic Bard at The Insomniac's Dream for the love!

Bam!  I get to make this into a sticker and wear it all week!

Just like any award, with it comes some serious responsibilities.  This may be a total load of crap, I don't know.  The only award I've ever gotten was one of those "Thanks for Playing" blow-up toys you get when you throw a ping pong ball into a gold fish bowl at the county fair.  So having bestowed these responsibilities on me leads me to seriously question The Hypnotic Bard's sanity. Or at least her sobriety. 

In any event, I have to answer some questions so you can get to know me better (as if you don't already know I use the F-word all the time, I frequently wet my pants, and I have a love-hate relationship with Walmart), AND I get the privilege of sending the award onto 5 bloggers whose stuff I think is better than crap.  And so you see, the circle of blog life has been revealed.

So without further ado...

1) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
     I am a fan of A Christmas Story because I love lamp.

2) What is your favorite flower? 
     The Peony.  Or Pee-oe-nay as I was informed by the lead horticulturalist at Walmart.  It is the flower that symbolizes romance and prosperity and is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.  Which is really ironic, because it is also the State flower of Indiana and Indiana doesn't even bother keeping track of divorces they happen so frequently. Oh, and it is certainly not a "prosperous" state by any stretch of the imagination.  Cue banjos...

3) What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
      Hmmm... Coffee, I guess.  Water?  I drink a lot of water.  And I usually put ice in my wine, 'cause I like water that much and I am one classy broad.

4) What is your passion?
      I am passionate about aesthetics.  Making things pretty is a major obsession of mine.  Which is a strange contradiction since I haven't even bothered to put on make-up in about 3 weeks, and my shirt currently has pit stains AND BBQ Sauce on it.  Hey fellas...

5) What is your favorite time of the year?
      I love Spring.  I love the smell of wet decaying leaves from the fall before.  I love the squishy wetness of the grass after the snow melts.  I love the smell of lilacs, the first real indication that Spring has indeed sprung.  I also love not having to shovel.  Not that I ever do, but it looks like a real pain in the ass.

6) What is your favorite time of day?
     5pm... it's wine o'clock.  I also really enjoy the butt-crack of dawn.  Actually, several hours before the crack shows it's, well, crack.  It is peaceful in the house and my brain is fully functional, which is a rare and tender time. I usually sleep through it.

7) What is your favorite physical activity? 
     Dancing.  My husband is a ladies man and we went dancing before we ever became a "thing".  Yeah, that night he could have gotten into my pants in the men's room. I mean, it was salsa night, and that shizzle is HOT, HOT, HOT!   But he was a gentleman and didn't take advantage.  I knew he was a keeper.

8) What is your favorite vacation? 
     So many favorites, but my all time favorite was Bar Harbor, Maine.  I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever and shared it with the man of my dreams over slightly warm Dom Perignon from the night before, and I got to wear a crab hat and walked around town pretending to be a pirate.   It doesn't get better than romantic sunrises, champagne, pirates, and crabs. 

And so now I get to bestow this honor on five bloggers who make me laugh.  Is that a necessary qualification?  Technically, no.  But for me, it is a big ol' "YES"!
So check out these hilarious folks, and tell 'em I sent ya ;)
There are a ton of other super funny, super smart bloggers out there that I would love to share the accolades of, but alas, I only get 5 this time.  So gimme another award and I will share some more gems that float in a virtual sea of doo-doo.  Oh, and, thank you to the Academy. :)  


  1. Wow!! Thanks for the love!! It will probably be tomorrow before I get to post about it, because my blog is undergoing a transfer today. Yeah, I'm shittin in high cotton :-)

  2. Thank you!! I made a promise on my blog to treat the questions like tweets, answering them all in 140 characters with hashtags. We'll see how that goes. I already know my vacation question will require a lot more than 140 characters, and in fact may exceed 140 words. Mainly because it's hard to explain how exactly I managed to "steal" a vacation to Las Vegas from the Harrah's company. Hmm... that'll be a real challenge.

    Also, you guys rock a mean crab hat, yo.

    1. I very much look forward to the 140 character answers... but yes, please do use as many words as necessary to describe the stolen vacation, because I really want to go back to Vegas, and free is way better than not.

  3. I laughed so hard I pissed my pants! You are one awesome broad, funny and full of shit. I mean dickery.

    1. I am full of shit. But also dickery. You kinda nailed it. But I guess it takes one to know one ;)

      Thanks for the award *blush* :)

  4. I love that we both called it "a major award." And on the same day. P.S. Go favorite my tweet about getting a discount so you can get a discount!

    1. We already have A Christmas Story stuck on the brain ;) I think I could recite that thing verbatim. In fact, I think I will make my family sit through that this year at Christmas. We've been talking about getting rid of the TV... this would be a perfect excuse!

  5. Thank you so much!!! As soon as I have an hour or two to figure out all that computery stuff, I'll link back to your blog.
    I love love love your blog and your writing style (in case I never told you), it makes me piss my pants and choke on my wine (the highest compliment as wine is very valuable to me, I don't like to waste it)! Damn that was a long run-on sentence. Ok, gotta go and read,pee, choke some more...

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And you are one funny lady too... many a wet panty has been at your fault. Okay, that's gross... but I wet my pants daily, and you're usually one I can count on to make it happen. Can't wait to read your answers (and to check back on Free Advice Friday ;)

  6. A Christmas Story is the shit!! Possibly the best movie ever. And Bar Harbor! We went two summers ago and I loved it! Although we went on a whale watching tour which we now lovingly refer to as the Barf Barge because it was so choppy that day that everyone, including those who had taken meds - me - barfed at least once, if not more. When we docked and there was a line of people waiting to go, I just laughed and thought "Suckers"!! Anyway, congrats on the award. You do have a gift for writing and humor and I feel fortunate to have come across your blog.

    1. Soni, you are my new favorite reader. 1) because you give me compliments, and 2) because you coined the term Barf Barge, which is classic!

      I never did one of the whale watching things... although I wanted to. SO glad I didn't now that I see I missed, um nothing. Although I did have a similar experience on the rehearsal dinner boat of my first marriage. Hmmmm... should've taken that as a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious). But that's another story entirely.

      Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you again soon!


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