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God Works in Mysterious Ways

Turns out, I am incredibly good at getting new stuff when I want it.  The problem is, I just don't know that I want it until I get it. 

First:  Mr. Martini says God works through him via his temper.  See, he kind of has a bad temper.  Kind of like a 3 year old with too much testosterone.  I love him with all my heart, but when poop hits the fan in my house, poop may actually hit the fan (which brings me to my next post re: poopy flushable wipes on my bathroom counter every god damned day.  Seriously kid, they are flushable!!! Just like TP, but pre-moistened).  But God works in mysterious ways.

Second:  So I had this laptop right?  And I said something to Mr. Martini about being "inept" at something.  Bad choice of words, I know.  And probably just plain crappy.  But hey, I'm knocked up which = crazy.   So, I'll be getting a new laptop soon. 

Thank you God.

Not to get demanding or anything, but can you also please help my son put his poopy wipes in the toilet?

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