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Making Your Kids Look Stupid Is The Best Part Of Parenthood

I am a Pinterest junkie.  My kids could brake their legs trying to sled down the stairs in a disassembled bunk bed and I would yell at them to give me a minute while I repin 'how to build a potato gun out of paper towel rolls, pizza boxes, some twine, and a tampon', 'cause you just never know.  So this morning, as my children were off trying to shave the cat, I was busy giggling at ridiculous hats.  I'm a huge fan of making your kids look stupid for as long as you can physically pin them down, so I amassed a collection of wardrobe ridiculousness that makes that possible.  And of course, no silly outfit collection would be complete this time of year without some "oh no you di'int' Halloween costumes.  Hope it makes you smile!  

Beard Hat
I'm a lumberjack, and I'm OK

Cabbage Patch Hat: Are you kidding me!! That's perfect!

It's a sleeper, it's a mop. It's frickin brilliant!!


Thus is one creative momma

 Social Services? Um, yeah.. Hilarious!
Nacho Libre: This is Classic
And as a main course, it's Derek!
And the Piece de resistance? It's Meth Lab Matt!!
 Who doesn't want their kid to dress up as the kingpin of a Meth Lab?   

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